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Simple Carver?

Simple Carver?

Shortly after the Dutch Carver Project went bankrupt, BMW published its Simple Project…..as I understood recently when I found this Youtube video of the Simple Carver…

Simple is the acronym for Sustainable and Innovative Mobility Product for Low Energy consumption, a vehicle concept combining features and advantages of both motorcars and motorcycles. The concept owes its protective passenger compartment to motorcars whereas the streamline shape, the two occupants seated one behind the other and the uniquely driving experience are naturally owed to motorcycles. Whilst researching ideas for futuristic urban mobility combined with the prerequisite of reduced consumption (less than 2l /100 km eqals more than 120mpg) and emission values (50g CO2 /100 km), the BMW Group spawned this concept vehicle featuring the extremely low weight of 450 kg and aerodynamic drag properties (0,18 drag coefficient), which of course also fulfilled all the BMW Group premium brand demands: sheer driving pleasure, innovative vehicle configuration, technology integration and a sense of comfort and spaciousness.


Tiger Trabi P1050320 kl


Benji Lanyado is a UK based travel journalist and a lot more. He noted the photography business is a “A $6 billion professional industry controlled by agencies and middlemen, who fix the prices and take, on average, 74% of the fees.”

In august 2013 he launched Picfair, a platform where professional photographers and amateurs can sell their photos directly to potential clients.

You can freely upload as many photo’s as you like. You then can set your own price. Picfair will add a 20% commission and a small fee for payment processing when a photo is sold. A one licence for all use policy makes it a lot simpler to understand.

If you look at the site there are always 10 pages with 30 photo’s each up front where you can see what is trending on the site. Based on actual views and recalculated at least a couple of times per hour so it seems it is calculated life. It’s kind of funny to hype your own photo. I have many dear followers on twitter and easily when I show a photo on twitter it gets clicked between 30 an 40 times which is enough to have the photo landing on page 2 or 3 of the trending ones (Currently above Tiger Trabi is on page 3).

I would love to see some possibility to see real time uploads from all participants or from participants you follow. Coming from Flickr where community building is a bit of the fun I would love to see it happen here as well. Did I sell a photo? Not yet. But only recently I started to use Picfair more regularly and when you see me rummaging with Picfair on twitter you know what I’m doing. Trying to get some exposure for my abilities a a photo amateur.

November Nile Geese

November Ducks _DSC3307

Not many people know The Hague has canals. Not so many as Amsterdam off course, but we have some an you can cruise the canals. However our bridges are lower than the average Amsterdam bridges, so the best tours are with small uncovered little canal boats. Good weather gives a better experience.

Yesterday I was tested as a volunteer skipper for one of the companies offering trips, De Willemsvaart. I believe the boss was satisfied with my maneuverability. So it is possible you have me as your captain when you book a tour in 2015. They close down for the winter next week.

While maneuvering the little boat we encountered a family of Nile Geese. Quite extraordinary in November.