4 Responses to English answer to sleeping in a wine barrel: Yotel

  1. […] You see from where the people look at your Blog and where they land on your Blog if you hover over the little red blobs. In my case you see for instance many clicks on the posts archived under number 211. When you want to know what post number 211 was about you can click on the blob and are redirected to the actual post when I had my permalinks organized by date of the post and archive number of the post. Unfortunately I can not relate archive numbers to individual posts unless I click them again. Therefore I have changed my archiving method into date of the post and name of the post. Post 211 (www.happyhotelier.com/archives/211) is now http://www.happyhotelier.com/2004/10/06/english-answer-to-sleeping-in-a-wine-barrel-yotel/ […]

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