Would WTM accept a Blogger as Publisher/Editor/Journalist?


In order to sniff up some travel and luxury travel news I would like to attend WTM as a Blogger, not as a Hotelier. Not being able to offer thousands of rooms my hotel is simply too small to justify a visit to WTM (although I did that once in the past).

So by way of experiment I applied for a Publisher’s Badge.

In reply to my application I got following answer:

Dear Mr Van den Elshout,

Thank you for submitting your registration to attend World Travel Market 2007 as a member of the press.

Press badges are restricted to Publishers, Editors, Journalists, Photographers and Broadcasters. A press badge allows access to the Press Centre at WTM.

In order to process your registration we need to ask you to send us by mail a copy of accreditation in the form of a photocopy of a recognised press or media card, business card, NUJ card or a letter from the editor, that verifies you are working member of the press community.

Please print a copy of this email and send it with the copy accreditation to the following address:

As Blogger I would like to attend the WTM. However as a blogger I do not carry around business cards and I try to avoid any snail mail. So I am curious to see how this can be solved with WTM….

The funny thing is that for my other Blog I do the same with trade fairs and manufacturers and they have no problem to recognize a Blogger as press. They even are sending me tons of press releases……without questioning me….

Update 24th October 2007
Good sports at WTM. I just received their confirmation that they have accepted me and will issue a press badge after I had referred them to this post in my answer to the above quoted e-mail.

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4 Responses to Would WTM accept a Blogger as Publisher/Editor/Journalist?

  1. Garri says:

    Take a different tact, they state in the letter that badges are restricted to ‘publishers’ (among others). So you’re a publisher, not a blogger. You publish a respected travel blog.

    Since you are also the ‘editor’ of this respected travel publication, just send them a letter from yourself.

    Easy, when you think it through ;-)

  2. paul says:

    Glad to hear they saw sense and you got your pass, Guido.

    I attend the Luxury Travel Fair in London each year and never have any trouble getting a ‘blogger press pass’ for that.

    Enjoy WTM…


  3. I did enjoy WTM, but Luxury Travel Fair will be next on my wish list. When will that be?

  4. [...] I succeeded to get the press card and I am proudly showing it here as proof. It is my first, but definitely will not be my last. [...]

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