An Unhappy Guest used to tell 3 Others – Now he tells 3 Million Others

Guest review management is becoming more and more important than advertising or direct marketing.
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The role of user-generated reviews is exploding. TripAdvisor(TM) attracts nearly 30 million monthly visitors and 88% of these visitors are influenced by content they read. Word-of-mouth adds a layer of credibility and is more effective than other more formal forms of promotion.
Market Metrix research has demonstrated that beyond the additional revenue that repeat customers provide, their word-of-mouth communications translate into significant profits for the hotel. In one example the positive word-of-mouth from a happy customer was worth $1,559 in profit for an upscale hotel.
Who reads hotel reviews?
Luxury guests (25%) and Timeshare guests (23%) were more likely to read a review before purchase, perhaps due to the variability among these properties.
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3 Responses to An Unhappy Guest used to tell 3 Others – Now he tells 3 Million Others

  1. True, and an unhappy traveler even starts a twitter account:

    A lot of AirFrance bashing in that account…

  2. Absolutely! Nowadays, guests threaten us with a bad review if we are not able to bow down to their wishes! Especially, the crafty ones!

    As you say, one bad review of TA is off putting to many potential clients!

  3. [...] here is that in the age of the Internet, with each stab to a customer’s chest, a company takes many of to their own. Eventually, the company will bleed out. And it will [...]

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