New Pod Hotel Concept: Sleepbox 01 by Arch Group

Sleepbox 01 by Arch Group 01
Sleepbox 01 by ArchGroup 02

The first completed Sleepbbox 01 by Russian Architects ArchGroup, consisting of Michael Krymov, Alina Vasilieva and Alexei Goryainov, has been installed at Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow, Russia.

A compact mobile container with a 2.5×1.6m base and 2.5-3m height. They are available in 1, 2 and 3 sleeper models and can be rented by the hour.

It’s mainly for indoor use. If you look at it, the small wooden interior gives you the impression of staying on board of a small but snug yacht.

Via Dezeen.

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3 Responses to New Pod Hotel Concept: Sleepbox 01 by Arch Group

  1. Realtree says:

    Wow. its definitely a cool place to stay. so, its in the airport. why installed in the airport? for travelers who will wait for their flights?

  2. Chios hotels says:

    According to their website, office centers can use this for their employees? :D

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