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The Photographer’s Swiss Army Knife

The Gerber Steady Multitool
This Gerber Multitool is the hiking photographer’s friend if you don’t want to carry your one pod or threepod and need a steady point for your camera or phone – BTW I’m curious how long it will take before cameras will be obsolete at all with the current pace of development of high quality photo taking abilities of phones.

Via Bless This Stuff.

The Pearl Earring by Dorothee Golz

The Pearl Earring by Dorothee Golz

As the original is here in The Hague:
The Pearl Earring by Dorothee Golz

Can you tell us a little bit about your interest in the portraits you decided to use in your work? Was there something specific about them that worked well with the message of your work, or did you choose them because of their iconic recognisability?

In the first instance I chose these paintings due to their photorealistic quality. The pictures almost look like arranged photos- take my image of Girl at the Window for example: the photo pretends to be the painting The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer, just as his painting pretends to be a photo. In relation to Girl at the Window, historical connections and quotes are left out except for the head piece; she comes across as a young woman from our time. Her contemporary posture suddenly mediates all her potential, the directness of the glance and the familiarity of the contemporary face made me wonder how different her life could be if she were alive today!

which was quoted from Don’t Panic Online

Fancy – The Pearl Earring by Dorothee Golz.