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Yahoo – Tumblr

It is reported as a done deal: Yahoo made a 1.1 billion cash offer to acquire Tumblr and the offer has been accepted.

I’ll copy and paste some web reactions to the deal:

If you are interested in my thoughts about Tumblr, please have a look at Chair Blog.

A tongue in Cheek Gif was published shortly after the announcement:

Tumblr Acquired by Yahoo

Yahoo – Flickr

May 20 had been planned to launch a major refit of the Flickr site by Yahoo prior to the news of Tumblr being acquired.

Note: I’ve fallen in the same old trap again: Pushing the publish button rather than the save button. So I’ll flesh it out while it is online.

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  1. I think the acquisition of Yahoo in Tumblr will be a good experience. I do not use Tumblr a lot, but I think the service will grow in quality.
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Renan Ferrer

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