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Hotel Frontdoor

Hotel Door P1010860

Hotel Frontdoor

Your guests come and go via the frontdoor. The Frontdoor of this hotel has etched in its glass that its telephone number is 1. The door must be from somewhere around 1900. Many guests must have passed this door.

This was a hotel long before there were hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton or Starwoord….

The hotel is stil in operation and located in a small village in The Netherlands, not far, only a busride, from Amsterdam. Are you able to guess its location?

Actually it was rebuilt in 1905 and the telephone was installed as late as 1920…

Willem-Alexander now King of The Netherlands

Willem-Alexander now King of The Netherlands

Willem -Alexander now King of The Netherlands

By a simple signature from his mother, Queen Beatrix, under an abdication declaration, Willem-Alexander became King of the Netherlands in the Amsterdam Royal Dam Palace today at approximately 10.35 hr AM local time.

Thereafter the new King will be inaugurated by swearing to be true and loyal to the Dutch Constitution before both Houses (Chambers) of Dutch Parliament.

Thereafter the two houses of Dutch Parliament will swear their loyalty to the King.

Even Big Brother Google blesses the new King and Queen with the above picture, albeit the Alt tag is a bit confusing:

Queensday 2013: Best Whishes to King Willem-Alexander!

Actually there is no Queensday today. It is Abdication and hence Inauguration Day today.

Tooting my own Horn

On my significant other blog I’ve featured 100 chairs in celebration of Inauguration Day.

Keukenhof Opens Today – 2010 Theme From Russia with Love

Today the 2010 Keukenhof open air flower exhibition will be officially opened by Mrs Svetlana Medvedeva, wife of the President of the Russian Federation, in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands.

The theme for the 2010 will be From Russia with Love.

Seven million flower bulbs have been planted in the 32 hectare park to ensure that the 2010 Keukenhof flower exhibition can be experienced in all its glory.

The park will be open to the public from Thursday 18 March up to and including Sunday 16 May 2010. When closing its gate it is expecting 850.00 visitors from all over the world will have admired it.

BTW the best time to visit it is either very early from 8.00 AM or after 3.00 PM when the buses loaded with tourists will have left. It is open till 7.30 PM, but be sure you enter before 6.00 PM when the ticket office closes.

As the Keukenhof is situated half way between Amsterdam and The Hague, you might as well consider to stay in Haagsche Suites:-)

Happy 2010 – Looking forward to 365 nights in Amsterdam Hotels

Vincent van Dijk DSC9108_lr

Happy 2010, the start of a new decade!

A new web 2.0 social media hotel review project:
Amsterdam counts 350 hotels and Vincent Van Dijk starts his dedicated blog Amsterdam Slaapt (i.e. Amsterdam Sleeps). Each day of 2010 he will tell us about his adventures in one of those 350 hotels, as each day of 2010 he will be sleeping out of his suitcase in one.

As Vincent uses to live and work in The Hague I’m really curious what his experience will be. Especially as my slogan is always: You should party in Amsterdam, but you should sleep in The Hague!

Nevertheless it is an interesting initiative which I will be following closely as he seems to plan to be reporting in Dutch only.

Here is Victor’s first Tweet as @AmsterdamSlaapt


“On January 1, 2010 I’ll start start the hotel project Amsterdam Sleeps in

Parkhotel Amsterdam

the stylish Parkhotel Amsterdam.

About Vincent van Dijk
Vincent van Dijk is a food and life style trend watcher and co owner of The Hague (Scheveningen) based ad agency HBMEO. He is a restaurant spotter for the Dutch Restaurant Guide SpecialBite err SpecialBite.com.

Sources in Dutch: Een jaar slapen in A’damse hotels – AT5 Nieuws and Misset Hotel.