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Mini Super Legerra

Seems a good idea.

Scamander on Evo Diaries

The reason I’m featuring this amphibian car here is that it is a Peter Wheeler design. The Peter from the alas discontinued TVR Car company…Hm just found out he passed away in 2009 already.

Famous is his quote:

TVR’s “were built to be relatively safe upside-down, proven by customers”

Robot Dragonfly

The next in flying robots seems to be the Robot Dragonfly.

Bentwood Bike

Thonet Bike

As a Thonet lover – mainly chairs, see Chair Blog, I had to share this bentwood bike designed for Thonet.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet


Two ladies have proved it to be possible: The Invisible Bicycle Helmet. Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin are in the process of developing a collar that acts as a collision airbag to protect your head in case of a fall from your Bicycle.

Via Q8 All In