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Robot Dragonfly

The next in flying robots seems to be the Robot Dragonfly.

Bentwood Bike

Thonet Bike

As a Thonet lover – mainly chairs, see Chair Blog, I had to share this bentwood bike designed for Thonet.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet


Two ladies have proved it to be possible: The Invisible Bicycle Helmet. Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin are in the process of developing a collar that acts as a collision airbag to protect your head in case of a fall from your Bicycle.

Via Q8 All In

A Super Curator about Development in Design

Really worthwhile this Master Class by Paola Antonelli, MoMa Curator of Architecture and Design.

The interaction for my recent interview for the Paper.li community blog and my 10 Questions for Liz Wilson, got me thinking more clearly and enabled me to formulate better what I do here with this blog: Curating is what I do. In order to organize my thoughts a bit more on the subject, I might devote a couple of posts on the subject of curating, especially inspired by Liz who, as a former journalist who has seen all and done all, has some interesting thoughts on this subject.

Why then not start off with a key note by a super curator?

Lola Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo Lola – Not what you Think!


See this Quirky Bicycle?

Rather than resting on its side standard or a back standard, it rests on its front standard in front of a shop in The Noordeinde in The Hague.



Off course when I hear or see “Lola” I associate that immediately with the famous Kinks song “Lola“, but this is not about that Lola and maybe I’m too old for you to remember this;-)

The name of the shop is Lola Bikes and Coffee soon daringly being opened officially in the posh Noordeinde in The Hague directly opposite the Lion’s Den of the huge Dutch coffee brand Douwe Egberts.


A Combined Bicycle Show Room and Coffee Bar

The owners of a bicycle rental shop a couple of houses away from this new shop have taken the initiative to combine renting bicycles with selling extraordinary nice new bicycles while serving coffee in a trendy bar and also combined with the repair shop in the back of the bar. Clever and daring. I wish them a lot of success!


Coming Soon

They’ve issue a trendy Bicycle magazine already. Their web presence is limited to a FB page for the moment but will come soon. I had a feeling the owner (left) was discussing the website with the designer….and through the window you can just see the coffee Goliath’s name (Soon to be divested from Sara Lee).