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Kneuterdijk Palace

Paleis Kneuterdijk I56A1499
Architect Daniƫl Marot designed the Kneuterdijk palace in The Hague, The Netherlands, for Johan Hendrik, Count Van Wassenaer van Opdam.
It was built between 1720 and 1730.
Later, in 1816, the palace was bought by King Willem I of the Netherlands for his son, the later King William II who was married to Anna Pavlovna, a daughter of the Russian Czar, Paul I.

In 1848 a new version of the Dutch Constitution was announced from its balcony by King Willem II.

After WW II it was the seat of the Dutch War Tribunal.

Currently, after extensive renovations, it is the seat of the Dutch Council of State, the highest advisory body to Dutch Government.

Ah and yes, I’m reasonably satisfied with the photo which you can license at Picfair

Young Queen Mary 2

Young Queen Mary 2
Queen Mary 2 IMG_2606

Young Queen Mary 2

The Cruise Ship Queen Mary 2 celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Back in 2004 I took this photo of it when it visited Rotterdam for the first time. I had a very fast little boat and had a bit of spare time to make a trip to see this giant of the seas. Not because I like cruising on huge cruise ships. I don’t. I like to view ships. That’s all.

I was able to bring the second photo to the front page of Picfair.

To conclude: A short Cunard clip where their 3 Queens meet in Southampton in celebration of QM 2’s 10th anniversary.

November Nile Geese

November Ducks _DSC3307

Not many people know The Hague has canals. Not so many as Amsterdam off course, but we have some an you can cruise the canals. However our bridges are lower than the average Amsterdam bridges, so the best tours are with small uncovered little canal boats. Good weather gives a better experience.

Yesterday I was tested as a volunteer skipper for one of the companies offering trips, De Willemsvaart. I believe the boss was satisfied with my maneuverability. So it is possible you have me as your captain when you book a tour in 2015. They close down for the winter next week.

While maneuvering the little boat we encountered a family of Nile Geese. Quite extraordinary in November.