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Wine and Water

Wine and Water

Wine and Water

The French do believe in fairy tales: Their Wine Museum in Paris is located in the ….Water street (or more precisely the Ch. Dickens square…still named after a fairy tale writer)

The Hague: Wine – Food Tasting with De Gouden Ton in Restaurant Mero

A 2007 Pouilly Fuissé of Olivier Merlin
A 2007 Pouilly Fuissé of Olivier Merlin

Last night I was invited for a session with several wine producers who had us taste some of their wines in a short wine tasting session followed by a dinner with some of their best wines. It was organized by Dutch wine trader De Gouden Ton in Restaurant Mero, one of my favorite restaurants in The Hague. Mero is able to prepare excellent sea food and offer a no nonsense high standard level of hospitality that only few restaurants in The Netherlands are able to offer.

The first gem that caught my attention was a wonderful 2007 Poully Fuissé from Olivier Merlin.

More to follow.

#winewednesday – Question: Who “Owns” a twitter hashtag?


The story is quite simple:
Shortly after the birth of #traveltuesday (read my post here), Eric aka @TwSommelier had the great idea to launch #winewednesday on Twitter and today we have the second #winewednesday.

A great idea indeed, but, but, but: To my view that doesn’t mean that TweSommelier “owns” the hashtag neither does he “own” the discussion. I believe the following:

  1. The tweets are “owned” by the respective twitterati
  2. Without the participants there is no #winewednesday
  3. This good initiative should have a more solid foundation than one mere Twitter Account holder, no matter who the account holds.

The reason for this post is twofold:
Last week, shortly after the first #winewednesday, I asked TweSomelier who would recap the #winewednesday event and I meant that on a weekly basis. His answer was that he had just recapped it in a couple of tweets. Now my problem is that whenever he decides to terminate his twitter account, all participants stand to loose a great experience. So my suggestion is to give #winewednesday a more permanent basis than one based merely on a Twitter account. I’m sure there are more participants out there who are willing to participate in a more permanent form.

Then I hit upon Twibes and created there Twibes/WineWednesday. As soon as TweSommelier noticed, he asked me to hand over that Twibe to him as the founder of #winewednesday. At this moment Twibes is in Beta and it is far from clear whether it will have any value at all eventually. Today it doesn’t have a lot of value as the tweets only are one page long and do not go back in history. Twibes is clear about the Twibe owner: The one who first tweets a group is the group “owner”. Twibes doesn’t provide (yet) for handing over a group. Should I hand the twibe over to TweSommelier? For the moment I’m not prepared to “hand it over” (apart from the fact that that would mean striking the Twibe and ask TweSommelier to re establish the Twibe), because I dare TweSommelier to give the whole #winewednesday movement a bit more permanent basis. Maybe I’m on a wrong track. So I’m asking my readers:

What do you think we should do?

  1. create a community Winewednesday blog?
  2. Create a Wine Wednesday Ning community?
  3. Leave it as it is? or
  4. Other suggestions?

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening P1040314

First we put all trophies on the table

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening P1040341

Then we started to taste a left over Pouilly Fumé “Sur La Roche” from Claire Forest. Her dad makes the “Sous la roche”

“A Sparkling Twitter Wine tasting?” You will ask me.
This is the petite histoire: A Dutch wine journalist @Cuno van ‘t Hof, a Dutch importer of Italian wines (mostly sparkling Italian wine and thus aptly named @Spumante and a Dutch hotelier (@Happyhotelier off course) had a discussion whereby the importer dared the journalist that his sparkling wines easily could match Champage. During the discussion they made an appointment to have a sparkling wine tasting session in Haagsche Suites while also some members of Happy Hotelier’s tasting club “Haagsch Wijnproefgenootschap” would join the party. Unfortunately Cuno had to skip the session.

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening P1040312

Here you see @Spumante post his first tweet: Let the Tasting Begin!.

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening P1040315

One of the outstanding Proseccos @Spumante brought for us was the Motus Vitae. This was a real classy Prosecco! Unfortunately this picture is a bit unsharpened.

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening P1040331

Our Tasting member Georg brought this amazing Janz, all the way from Tasmania.

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening P1040330

This all Pinot Noir Spumante Rosé Opfre @Spumante brought us was one of my favorites.

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening P1040326

I could surprise the party with my own import Cremant de Burgundy Baron de Montfalcon from Andre Ziltener (this reminds me I still have to write a review of his hotel in Chambolle Mussigny)

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening P1040324

Mike brought this excellent 2002 Milesime Champagne Rosé from Nicolas Feuillatte

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening P1040322

There was more we tasted and more to taste. This was how the company looked when we still had to taste 2 more sparkling wines, but we decided to take one for the road:

A Sparkling Twitter Wine Tasting Happening P1040336

With this 1997 Chateauneuf Du Pape Tiara d’Avignon we terminated the tasting session. It was a wonderful session. Thanks all and especially kudos to @Spumante. I hope he came home safely.

More photos of the tasting here at my Flickr set of the session

Update: And here is @Spumantes own post about the tasting session: