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Press, what others wrote about Happy Hotelier and Haagsche Suites

Since I started Blogging in the Dutch language at Weekendhotel Weblog in 2004 and started this Blog in August 2006, both our luxe B&B / hotel Haagsche Suites and this Blog, Happy Hotelier have been very fortunate to receive mentions and/or referrals in various media:

The Press Page of Andrew Calvo of the blog Passion of a Zealot [which disappeared in the meantime but was restored apparently], inspired me to create this page, as it is good practice and polite in Blogistan to thank referrers where and whenever possible.

And really I do like to be quoted! A Big Thank You to all!

On March 2, 2007 the ball really started rolling: Then Mathieu Ouellet published the first version of the T-List, the Travel/Tourism Bloggers List which was replicated thereafter many times. I don’t think it will be feasible to repeat all mentions that occurred thereafter by replication of the T-List posts, apart from several special occasions. See for a short overview my T-List and L-List pages.

Please note this is an ongoing process (WIP or Work in Progress) of trying to tie up the loose ends and filling the gaps. I use Technorati and Google Blog Search to get up to date from time to time. However both are notorious for not giving you a complete overview of all your trackbacks (incoming links).

What others wrote: